The tea ceremony is an elegant yet understated expression of Japanese culture. Even for locals, it’s rare to be invited to a Chaji, or formal tea ceremony. We think this is rather sad and want to share our passion for the wonderful practice of tea with you.

The Chaji is an invitation built around the making of a bowl of tea for guests. The first part starts with the host making the traditional fire with charcoal in front of you. While you are waiting for the water to reach the right temperature for the tea, you can enjoy a seasonal light meal with clear soup, or a multi-course tea kaiseki meal, served together with rice wine.

After the meal you will have a short break in the garden, while the host sets up the room for the second part of the event - the preparation of the tea .

The highlight of the Chaji is the drinking of Koicha, a dense blend of high quality powdered green tea, served with a moist sweet. After that you will be served Usucha, the frothy thin tea, together with some different kinds of dry sweets.

Throughout the Chaji you have the chance to talk with the tea master about the philosophy of the tea ceremony and can freely ask questions.

All the Chaji are by appointment, private and take between three to four hours. This is a uniquely personal experience and the chance to acquire true insights into the tea ceremony.

Recommended by “The Rough Guide to Japan” 2014 and 2017

Chaji  -

An unique Insight into the Art of Tea

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