The Japanese tea ceremony, with over 800 years of history, is still practiced all over the world today.

Walking through a dewy garden, leaving the hassle of everyday life behind, you enter the world of the Japanese tea ceremony - a small universe made of just a few tatami mats, specialized utensils, the guests, and a host who makes the tea.

The precise movements of making and drinking tea help us to focus, be centered and free our mind of distractions. The carefully selected utensils and pieces of art make us feel curious about what is coming next. All this creates a ritual that separates us from our regular routines and habits, breaking through our passivity, and making space for new insights.

While we can enjoy talking about the tea ceremony and its philosophy for hours, at the heart of the tea practice are direct experiences with our body and all our senses. Look at the flowers, hear the sound of the boiling water, smell the incense, touch the bowl and taste the tea.

The tea ceremony transcends borders, touches upon something fundamentally human, and can be understood and shared by everybody.

Please come in, sit down and enjoy this simple bowl of tea.

Chanoyu -

The Japanese Tea Ceremony

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