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An introduction to the Japanese Tea ceremony

Our Discovery courses let you encounter the world of the Japanese tea ceremony in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. As you drink a bowl of green tea and eat seasonal Japanese sweets, you can talk with the tea master about the tea ceremony and freely ask questions.

The tea is prepared in front of you in the traditional setting of a Japanese tea room, which is arranged to reflect the seasons and sentiments that the tea master wants to express towards you.

For the tea ceremony, two kinds of tea are prepared; Koicha, a dense blend of thick tea and Usucha, a frothy thin tea. Both are made from high-grade powdered green tea. The teas are served together with two different kinds of seasonal sweets (moist and dry), specially made for the tea ceremony.

You can also learn how to make a bowl of Usucha tea for yourself.

All Discovery courses are by appointment, private and two hours long. This gives guests the chance to discover the fundamental principles and ideas of the tea ceremony without haste.

Recommended by “The Rough Guide to Japan” 2014 and 2017

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